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Introducing Baserun: A Developer-Friendly Tool for Building, Monitoring, and Improving AI Applications

Introducing Baserun: A Developer-Friendly Tool for Building, Monitoring, and Improving AI Applications

Hey,I'm Effy, the founder of Baserun, an end-to-end solution that empowers AI teams to build, monitor, and continuously improve their applications with confidence and speed.My journey with Baserun began at Cruise, where I led the development of the Simulation testing platform and ML Ops tools. Our team faced numerous challenges in refining these tools, from addressing hallucinations and model drift to enhancing the system without introducing regressions. These experiences highlighted the need for better tools specifically designed for AI development.Building on our experience in the AV industry, which has pioneered techniques for monitoring, evaluating, and refining complex systems, we created Baserun to address these challenges. Baserun provides a suite of tools that enable AI teams to:Monitor customer experience:

  • Capture and analyze user sessions, traces, and LLM requests to gain insights into user behavior and identify potential issues with just 2 lines of code!
  • Employ automatic and human evaluation techniques to assess user experience objectively and subjectively. Move your manual review processes out of Google sheets and into a centralized tool for consistent, uniform notes.

Recognize issue patterns and identify root causes:

  • Leverage best-in-class tools to cluster issues effectively and prioritize the most critical ones for your team.
  • Identify recurring patterns and root causes of issues to guide targeted improvements.

Iterate with confidence:

  • Craft "hillclimbing" test suites from production logs and examples you wrote to test specific scenarios and validate improvements. Build “regression” test suites to make sure you do not introduce unknown issues into your system.
  • Utilize built-in version-control, staging environments, and other features to ensure changes are deployed without introducing regressions.
  • Experiment with prompts, context, and more to optimize AI models and enhance product performance.

The speed and efficiency with which a team can build, monitor, and improve their AI-powered products will decide tomorrow’s winner. We help you get ahead.We encourage you to try Baserun today and experience the difference for yourself. Learn more about Baserun or Book a demo